Paul Aucamp Strategic Advisors provides professional turnaround interventions and interim management services to clients. Turnaround interventions should not only be undertaken in distressed situations, but earlier when it is assessed that shareholder value is either being destroyed or when a company’s growth potential is suboptimal.

Paul Aucamp Strategic Advisors has a proven methodological approach to managing turnaround interventions and our team is capable of assisting any organisation with the required interim management requirements. Our approach is based on the following steps:

1. Financial Turnaround Interventions:

  • Initiate damage control procedures
  • Evaluate current conditions and causes
  • Stay alive through short term life supports
  • Communicate problems to all stakeholder groups
  • Develop long term solution/s
  • Develop reorganisation plan
  • Implement reorganisation plan

2. Strategic Repositioning and Performance Improvement:

  • Tighten management and business controls
  • Define current reality
  • Engage shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers
  • Create breakthrough performance improvement initiatives
  • Revisit value proposition and develop repositioning strategy
  • Develop and implement new strategic plan