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Successful companies require successful operations. Our perspective on performance improvement, or denominator management as we like to call it, focuses on how we can improve operating efficiency and business processes, and ensure the right systems, people and practices are adopted to achieve organisational objectives.

Paul Aucamp Strategic Advisors enhances organisational performance through:

  • Implementation of cost reduction strategies and continuous improvement processes
  • Cascading Key Performance Indicators (to guide and measure performance)
  • Business turnaround strategies
  • Business process improvement.

Some of the enquiries we’ll make to achieve these include:

  1. How do we successfully affect a post-merger integration?
  2. How do we effect a quantum performance improvement?
  3. How do we reduce your cost base and establish continuous improvement thereafter?

Optimised Performance Measures

In order to help our clients achieve their objectives, we consider whether the organisation supports the business model and if clear performance measures have been established. We investigate whether all business processes are optimised and if the technology being used delivers on organisational requirements.

The Bottom Line:

Organisational effectiveness and efficiency can only be optimised when the right people are employed in the right positions and if information is managed as a strategic resource.

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